Written in Arlington / Spoken in Arlington

Written in Arlington

Written in Arlington / Spoken in Arlington is a print and digital collection of the poets and poems of Arlington, VA, edited by KATHERINE E. YOUNG and published by Paycock Press. Catch Spoken in Arlington on YouTube, and check out our Facebook page!

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Written in Arlington showcases contemporary poets from and poetry about Arlington, VA. The anthology contains the work of eighty-seven poets and translators originally written in four languages (Hindi, Russian, Spanish, and English). The poets whose work appears in Written in Arlington range from nationally known page poets to spoken word artists to high school students just beginning to write and perform, as well as a few “tourist” poets who have written about Arlington while passing through.

The eighty-seven authors in this collection include poets born in Arlington and Arlington transplants from literally all over the world. Sandra Beasley, Andy Fogle, Hailey Leithauser, David McAleavey, Heather McHugh, and Karenne Wood are just some of the poets who have written about Arlington; they join page, performance, and spoken word poets of all ages and backgrounds to compose a “portrait in poetry” of the community that sits just across the Potomac River from Washington, DC. Anthology editor and acclaimed translator Katherine E. Young served as the inaugural poet laureate for Arlington, VA (2016-2018).

Written in Arlington is also available locally at Trade Roots.

Cover image: After the Rain mixed media/collage on canvas by Anya Getter (fragment)

Media Coverage of Written in Arlington and Spoken in Arlington

Watch Written in Arlington poets Aaron R, Dan Brady, Katherine Gekker, Jess Stork Glicoes, Cathy Hailey, Tod Ibrahim, Sushmita Mazumdar, Miles David Moore, Stephen Niedzwiecki, Susan Notar, Ceanne Rennie, Madelyn Rosenberg, and Martha Sanchez-Lowery as they join anthology editor Katherine E. Young, Arlington Poet Laureate Holly Karapetkova, and Arlington County Board Vice Chair Katie Cristol at the Written in Arlington Gala Celebration (Lubber Run Amphitheater, September 23, 2021).

Read Charlie Clark’s article about Written in Arlington in the Falls Church News-Press.

Watch Written in Arlington poets Francisco Aragón, Sandra Beasley, Andy Fogle, Kori Johnson, Jose Padua, Richard Peabody, and Amy Young read from Written in Arlington. Hosted by Cafe Muse.

Watch Written in Arlington poets Robert L. Giron, Lyman Grant, Cathy Hailey, Emilio Iasiella, Rebecca Leet, Susan Bucci Mockler, and Katherine E. Young read from and discuss Written in Arlington and Spoken in Arlington. Hosted by the Woman’s Club of Arlington.

Listen to Christine Sloan Stoddard’s Badass Lady-Folk podcast (Quail Bell Press & Productions) featuring Katherine E. Young discussing Written in Arlington and Spoken in Arlington here.

Watch 1455 Presents: “WRITTEN IN ARLINGTON,” A READING & DISCUSSION. With Jessica Claire Haney, Tod Ibrahim, Brian Donnell James, Susan Notar, Hanan Seid, Katherine E. Young, and Sally Zakariya. Hosted by Sean Murphy of 1455 and the Anacostia Swim Club

Watch Live From Diane’s Living Room! Diane Kresh, director of the Arlington County Libraries, interviews poets Heather Davis, Jacqueline Jules, Miles David Moore, Christine Sloan Stoddard, and Katherine E. Young about Written in Arlington.

Read Arlington Literary Journal, Issue 143. Interview with Katherine E. Young about Written in Arlington and a selection of poets from the anthology, including Paul Hopper, Maryann Hurtt, Michael A. Schaffner, Christine Sloan Stoddard, Karenne Wood, Amy Young, and Sally Zakariya.

Listen to Real Fiction Radio Broadcast: Written in Arlington, Editor-Katherine E. Young interview on November 25, 2020 WERA-FM 96.7.

Watch 1455’s 2nd Annual Summer Lit Fest: Written in Arlington: An Anthology Reading Katherine E. Young is joined by poets Aaron R, Katherine Gekker, Holly Karapetkova, Martha Sanchez-Lowery, and Michael A. Schaffner to read and discuss their poems in Written in Arlington.

***Ongoing Call for Submissions to Spoken in Arlington***

Submit your work to the digital companion of Written in Arlington on YouTube! Spoken in Arlington is a living digital archive of spoken word and performance poetry about Arlington, VA, created by artists connected to Arlington. It presents a portrait of Arlington as seen through the eyes of past and present literary artists, including writers working in languages other than English. The intent of the project is to build community through poetry; it is curated by Arlington Poet Laureate Emerita Katherine E. Young.

Eligibility for Inclusion in Spoken in Arlington

Anyone who lives, works, studies in, or has a significant connection (current or previous) to Arlington, VA, is eligible to contribute. Your submission will be evaluated for 1) literary merit, 2) cultural and linguistic diversity, and 3) a clear, demonstrable connection to Arlington. You need not be a current Arlington resident, but your work must in some way speak to Arlington’s distinctive identity or your personal experience of Arlington.

What to Submit

  • Up to six video poems.
  • A cover letter than includes a 75-word author biography and a sentence stating your connection to Arlington, VA. In the case of multiple artists for one video, submit a group biography of no more than 150 words.
  • If you are submitting previously published work, please specify in your cover letter when and where the piece was published. Include a statement confirming that all rights to the piece have reverted to you.
  • If you are submitting work in translation, please include written permission from the original author granting you permission to translate their work in your cover letter. Include both an author and a translator biography in your submission.

How to Submit

This program is supported in part by Arlington County through the Arlington Cultural Affairs division of Arlington Economic Development and the Arlington Commission for the Arts. For more information, visit Arlington Arts.

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