Translation Sampler

Many of KATHERINE E. YOUNG’s translations of Russophone writers, as well as additional material relating to translation, can be found online.

Translations of Narine Abgaryan

People Who Are Always With Me (excerpt, Two Lines Journal)

Translations of Tatiana DaniliyantsPhoto of Tatiana Daniliyants

“About Blue: Velestovo” and “This Summer” (The White Review)

“Several Dedications of the Year,” “Simply to Remind You,” “Sleepless Conversation (Incantation),” and “XXX” (Notre Dame Review)

A Sparkle of Sea Foam: An Interview with Tatiana Daniliyants“, Glass Art and Photography by Tatiana Daniliyants (Notre Dame Review)

Three Poems by Tatiana Daniliyants (Tupelo Quarterly

Tatiana Daniliyants, Russian Poet, interview and poetry with Anton Yakovlev of Bowery Poetry Speaks (Trafika Europe Radio)

Xenia Emelyanova2Translations of Xenia Emelyanova

“Spring rain beats on broken branches” (Third Prize winner, 2014 Joseph Brodsky-Stephen Spender Award for translation from the Russian, originally published by the Stephen Spender Trust)

“So it came together” and “One person settles inside another” (Waxwing)

From the Fishouse (an audio archive of emerging poets): Xenia Emelyanova (From the Fishouse)

“Your hair will smell of river water”: Four Poems by Xenia Emelyanova (National Translation Month)

“It’s simpler for artists, without words, in general, easier” (Taos Journal of International Poetry and Art)

Untitled [“A golden cloud goes to fetch / the evening star”] (Asymptote)

“Destined from Birth” (Words Without Borders)

Translations of Inna KabyshInna Kabysh from Facebook

“Yuri Gagarin was a great Russian poet” (Artist’s Proof Editions; Third Prize co-winner, 2011 Joseph Brodsky-Stephen Spender Award for translation from the Russian, originally published by the Stephen Spender Trust)

“This is life: the summer house” (Artist’s Proof Editions; commended, 2012 Joseph Brodsky-Stephen Spender Award for translation from the Russian, originally published by the Stephen Spender Trust)

“Triptych” (Blue Lyra Review)

“The Nutcracker” (Subtropics)

“Children’s Resurrection Day” (South Florida Review)

“Of the two women who came to Solomon,” “From the poem Bed Rest,” and “Once more on the battlefield someone moans” (Loch Raven Review)

“With you, I forgot” and “September was ending” (Tupelo Quarterly)

Five Poems by Inna Kabysh (Exchanges)

“Cat and Mouse” and “Shine On, Shine On, My Star”; Pavel Golovkin’s film version of “Shine On, Shine On, My Star” (Trafika Europe)

“Dacha: hot strawberry childhood” and “This is my model school”; translator’s commentary on “Dacha: hot strawberry childhood” and “This is my model school” (Notre Dame Review)

“O, Moscow, Tatar sack of gold…,” Kursk,” and “Sevastopol Stories” (Matter)

“First Miracle,” “The Kind Stepmother,” and “May Snow” (On the Seawall)

Lyudmyla Khersonska2.jpgTranslations of Lyudmyla Khersonska

“The whole soldier doesn’t suffer” (Words Without Borders)

“i planted a camellia in the yard” and “One night, a humanitarian convoy arrived in her dream” (Tupelo Quarterly)

“The whole soldier doesn’t suffer,” “that’s it: you yourself choose how you live,” “I planted a camellia in the yard,” “One night, a humanitarian convoy arrived in her dream,” “the enemy never ends,” “every seventh child of ten — he’s a shame,” and “you really don’t remember Grandpa — but let’s say you do” (National Translation Month Ukrainian Poetry in Translation Special Feature—Part I)

Translations of Iya KivaIya Kiva

“little green lights,” “is there hot war in the tap,” and “when they kill my father i dream” (Asymptote

“Women Writing War Redux: Ukraine’s Iya Kiva” (article), including “you think you’ve turned on Bach” (Words Without Borders Daily)    

“The Year of Ukraine” (Los Angeles Review of Books)

“Voices for Ukraine: Words Together, Worlds Apart” reading with translators Amelia Glaser, Yuliya Ilchuk, and Katherine E. Young

“if you close your eyes,” “[breakfast],” “you stand in the middle of a completely foreign city,” and “Ilya” (The White Review)

“my son, so much material’s been delivered to the warehouse” (The Continental)

“i :says Marina: am a refugee person” (The Continental)

“it’s so strange that Facebook asks what’s on your mind” (Tupelo Quarterly)

“is there hot war in the tap,” “[breakfast],” and “Ilya” (PEN-UPenn “Your Language My Ear” Ukrainian Poetry in Translation Reading)

Interview with Real Fiction Radio‘s Lori Messing McGarry featuring the poetry of Iya Kiva in translation.

Translations of Vladimir Kornilov Vladimir Kornilov

“Forty Years Later” and “Freedom” (Innisfree Poetry Journal)

“The Mightiest Battalions,” “Old Videotape,” and “Pogodinka Street” (Translation Review

Translations of Anastasiya Belousova, Irina Gumyrkina, and Ramil Niyazov-Adyldzhyan

Poets of Kazakhstan from the collection “Fog of January” (Suspect)

Translations of Anna Akhmatova, Ivan Bunin, Vladimir Mayakovsky, and Ilya Selvinsky

“Third Zachatyevsky” by Anna Akhmatova (Tupelo Quarterly)

“In Moscow” by Ivan Bunin (Tupelo Quarterly)

“Farewell” by Vladimir Mayakovsky (Tupelo Quarterly)

“Moscow and Things Tangential to Her” (fragment) by Ilya Selvinsky (Tupelo Quarterly)

Translations of Vyacheslav Ivanov, Marina Tsvetayeva, and Ilya Ehrenburg

“Three Poems About Moscow” (Beltway Poetry Quarterly)

Translations of Afanasy Fet, Mikhail Lermontov, Karolina Pavlova, and more…

“Five Poems about Moscow” (Peacock Journal)

Katherine Young on the Practice of Translation

“Raising the Volume: Five Poet-Translators on Women in Translation” essay co-written with Nancy Naomi Carlson, Sharon Dolin, Andrea Jurjevic, and Aviya Kushner (The Writer’s Chronicle); original event video here

“Making People Feel Uneasy: Joanna Chen in Conversation with Katherine Young” interview about writing and translation (LA Review of Books blog)

Katherine Young’s “Manuscripts Burn: On Translating Contemporary Russian-Language Works of Witness,” remarks delivered at Pushkin House, London (March 26, 2019), summarized by Cathy McAteer (RusTRANS Blog, University of Exeter, UK)

Katherine Young Interviewed by Marie McGrath (Subtropics)

“Art Talk with NEA Literature Translation Fellow Katherine E. Young” (National Endowment for the Arts Art Works Blog)

“Sound and Sense: A Poet Translates” (Loch Raven Review)

Hear Katherine Young’s remarks “Betrayal in Theory and Practice: What Are We Trying to Translate, Anyway?” delivered at the American Literary Translators Association 2014 conference with panelists Barbara Goldberg, Keyne Cheshire, and Alexis Levitin.

Additional Publications

Translations by Katherine E. Young can be found in these and other collections:

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